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George Semeczko, PhD

Hi, I am George Semeczko and I am the Chief Consultant and owner of Focal Place Inc. I am an Enterprise Technology Leader who combines a unique blend of academic mastery and thought leadership proven with hands-on experience with both startups and traditional financial services companies across the globe. Results have required a balance between regulatory compliance, superior service levels and financial acumen leveraging current deep and wide technical knowledge. All coupled with the high emotional intelligence needed to create and grow superior performing teams.

I currently offer my services as a consulant and have clients from both the financial sector (incuding Insurance companies and Banks) as well as the Print and Manufaturing sector. 

Roles I have held in my career have included:

  • Chief Technology Officer & Vice President Infrastruture Services - RSA Insurance (Canada), Toronto, Canada
  • Chief Architect, RSA Insurance (Canada), Toronto, Canada
  • Application Architect, RSA Insurance (Canada), Toronto, Canada
  • Consultant, RSA Insurance (Scandinavia, Codan Insurance), Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Chief Technology Officer, Inceptor Inc, Maynard, MA, USA
  • Principal Consultant & Director of Projects, Hyperlink PLC, London, England, UK
  • Post-Doctoral Associate, Database Research Centre, University of Florida, Gainseville, FL, USA
  • Lecturer in Computer Science, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
  • Application Developer, Academy Corporation, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
  • Application Developer, Suncorp Insurance, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

My formal education includes:

  • PhD (Compter Science) - University of Queensland, “Design Issues in Distributed Databases for Wide Area Networks”
  • Graduate Certificate in Education (Higher Education) - Queensland University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science (1st Class Honours) - University of Queensland
  • Bacnelor of Science - University of Queensland 

You can see more from my LinkedIn Profile.

George Semeczko

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